Teens and Adults (ages 12+)

In our Teen/Adult program, our high-energy classes will improve your fitness while developing life skills such as leadership and self-control while learning Taekwondo forms, sparring and self-defense.

Our Teen and Adult program is a high-energy workout that combines fitness with Taekwondo to get results. Whether you’re in excellent physical shape or looking to improve your health, our classes will offer an excellent workout solution.

Between extensive high-intensity workouts that will improve your cardiovascular health to strength and conditioning drills to become stronger, you will become healthier as a result of training with us. You will also learn valuable self-defense drills that will make sure that you can protect yourself from potential attackers. Additionally, we will also teach you valuable life skills such as leadership that can help you in school, at work or at home.

Your classes will be lead by an instructor certified by the ATA. All instructors are carefully selected and continuously trained to ensure the highest level of instruction for yourself.


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