Karate for Kids (ages 6-11)

In our Karate for Kids program, we use our motto of “Every kid is a winner, every kid is special” as the cornerstone to teach our students. Students will learn valuable life-skills such as self-confidence, perseverance and courage while learning Taekwondo.

Our Karate for Kids program is geared for kids in between the ages of 6 and 11 and will teach students not only Taekwondo technique, but also important life skills such as Discipline, Belief, Communication, Respect, Self-Esteem and Honesty.

Our classes are an excellent fit for your child! With high-energy workouts while learning Taekwondo and life-skills, your child will stay in shape while learning martial arts. You can expect the following results from our classes:

  • An increase in the student’s self-esteem, based on our belief that “Every Kid is a Winner, Every Kid is Special”
  • An increase in self-discipline, with emphases on concentration, self-control and integrity
  • An increase in physical fitness, including strength and flexibility, conditioning and coordination
  • An awareness in how to defend themselves

Your child’s classes will be lead by an instructor certified by the ATA. All instructors are carefully selected and continuously trained to ensure the highest level of instruction for your child.

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